"CoinMENA is an investment holding company based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The Company was launched in 2020 as a distinguished investment body that embraces a group of companies. CoinMENA had a key and effective role at the level of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and abroad in delivering services with high quality and international standards."

About Us


CoinMENA represents the symbol of success of young Saudi enterprises. It started its activities on a solid ethical basis in various areas such as defense, aerospace, logistics, real estate and construction, information technology, artificial intelligence, and design, investment and business management in different sectors. It aspires to become one of the largest pioneering investment companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia exclusively and the Gulf countries generally.

The company seeks to develop its subsidiaries and create new investment opportunities both locally and globally through the ongoing search for establishing new partnerships and buying shares in existing corporations and providing financial support to make long-term investments and enhance national investments.
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We seek to be a leading company at the firms level, recognized by clients in the business fields, to provide a real commitment to our clients by having flexible strategic investments, based on diversity in investment to ensure sustainable returns and an absolute obligation to the highest levels of quality, to be always their first choice.


The company aims to build long-term relationships with local and international business communities to achieve diversity in every aspect of its work through its diligent work to provide management and supervision which include all subsidiaries, and to expand into new areas according to well-formulated plans that ensure the availability of investment opportunities.


The company is proud of its values and believes in its role in seizing investment opportunities to contribute to the success of the Saudi national economy and the vision of the Kingdom 2030. The company & its subsidiaries are committed to their effective role in Saudi economic development. It seeks to attract and motivate investors, and it’s committed to providing a fair and ethical work environment by providing the highest standards quality and safety at work.