"We Invest in A Diverse, sustainable, and dynamic Future full of bright and shining opportunity. We offer our Distinctive services through our subsidiaries. We are committed to innovation, and to the Saudi Vision 2030."


1 Countries

Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Egypt, China


1 Employees

In multiple majors and disciplines


1 Million SAR

In a wide range of sectors, Aviation, Logistics & E-commerce, Space and Artificial Intelligence, Legal Consultancy, Design & Marketing, Education, and Industrial.

Portfolio of Investments

We look for partners who share our drive for excellence and expansion. That is why we see CoinMENA holding companies consistently leading from the front across different industries.

Investment Strategy

We seek out business teams with the coherence and expertise to develop a project capable of reaping long-term financial returns, which has positioned us as a firm with reliable investment expertise and dependable profitability.

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