Coinmena IHC Executives Forge Strategic Alliances at PIF Private Sector Forum 2024

Riyadh, February 06, 2024 – In a significant move towards strengthening their investment portfolio and fostering strategic partnerships, executives from Coinmena Investment Holding Company (IHC) recently participated in the second PIF Private Sector Forum held in Riyadh. The two-day event, organized by the Public Investment Fund (PIF), served as a platform for high-level discussions, knowledge sharing, and exploring collaborative ventures aimed at driving economic growth under Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.

Engaging with Industry Leaders

During the forum, Coinmena IHC’s leadership, joined by the General Manager of Pan Concept Studio, engaged with top executives from various industries, including technology, healthcare, renewable energy, and infrastructure. These interactions were pivotal in understanding the latest industry trends, innovative solutions, and investment opportunities within the Kingdom. Coinmena IHC’s delegation, led by CEO Ahmed Al-Khalifa, emphasized the company’s commitment to supporting the Vision 2030 goals and expanding its footprint in the Saudi market.

Discussions and Insights

The discussions at the forum covered a broad spectrum of topics. Key among them was the potential for investment in PIF’s diverse portfolio of projects. Coinmena IHC executives highlighted their interest in sectors that align with global sustainability goals, particularly renewable energy and technology. They discussed the importance of leveraging cutting-edge technologies to enhance operational efficiencies and drive sustainable growth.

Ahmed Al-Khalifa noted, “The PIF Private Sector Forum has provided us with invaluable insights into the opportunities within Saudi Arabia. We are keen to explore collaborations that will not only yield significant returns but also contribute to the Kingdom’s economic diversification efforts.”

Potential Collaborations

One of the forum’s highlights was the exploration of potential collaborations between Coinmena IHC, Pan Concept Studio, and leading Saudi companies. Discussions were held with several entities to identify synergies and areas of mutual interest. The conversations underscored the importance of public-private partnerships in accelerating the pace of economic development and innovation.

Coinmena IHC expressed particular interest in partnering with technology firms specializing in artificial intelligence and cybersecurity, as these fields are critical for the future of digital economies. Additionally, there was a strong emphasis on healthcare innovations, with Coinmena IHC exploring opportunities to invest in companies developing cutting-edge medical technologies and pharmaceuticals.

Looking Ahead

The PIF Private Sector Forum 2024 underscored the strategic importance of private sector involvement in Saudi Arabia’s economic transformation. Governor Yasir Othman Al-Rumayyan emphasized the role of the private sector in contributing to the GDP, aiming to increase its contribution to 65% by 2030. The forum highlighted the successful outcomes of previous initiatives, with over 200 opportunities presented and more than 100 Saudi companies qualifying to collaborate with PIF entities.

For Coinmena IHC and Pan Concept Studio, the forum marked the beginning of what promises to be a series of strategic investments and collaborations. The companies are poised to leverage the insights gained and the relationships built during the forum to drive their growth strategies in the region.

As Coinmena IHC continues to align its investment strategy with Vision 2030, the company remains committed to fostering partnerships that support sustainable development and economic diversification in Saudi Arabia. The engagements and potential collaborations discussed at the PIF Private Sector Forum 2024 represent significant steps towards realizing these goals.

Coinmena Investment Holding Company (IHC), joined by Pan Concept Studio’s General Manager, participated in the PIF Private Sector Forum 2024 in Riyadh. The event provided a platform for high-level discussions and potential collaborations with industry leaders across technology, healthcare, renewable energy, and infrastructure sectors. Coinmena IHC emphasized its commitment to Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, exploring strategic investments that align with global sustainability goals. The forum highlighted the critical role of the private sector in economic transformation, aiming to increase its GDP contribution to 65% by 2030.