Announcing The Successful Worldwide Premier Of The Michael Schumacher Digital Experience

Exclusive Launching Of Michael Schumacher Digital Experience at Jeddah F1 Grand Prix.

Jeddah, S.A.: CoinMENA, an investment holding company in partnership with Advanced Technology Fund, a global private equity fund that is focused on alternative investment asset classes in selected advanced technology fields, and Artzenal, specialist in 3D scanning, photogrammetry and creation of virtual experiences, as well as Culture XR, partnered together to make an already unforgettable F1 weekend even more memorable.

On the first day of the event, March 25th, the fabulous 3D scan of the Psalmtik sarcophagus was showcased. The astonishingly well-preserved sarcophagus was digitalized with scientific precision to a 0.02mm detail level. The scanning of the 2500-year-old sarcophagus was a quality benchmark for an upcoming scanning project in the old city of Jeddah. Both scanning projects will be preserved as digital originals for many generations to come at the Arctic World Archive.

On the 26th of March, after the successful endurance Motorsport NFT release with Manthey-Racing GmbH, Artzenal announced their co-operation with ADAC TotalEnergies 24 hours Nürburgring, to scan and preserve racing icons present during their Jubilee 24 hours race in May 2022.

The main event and unveiling took place on Sunday, the 27th of March. Hosted by Advanced Technology Fund, Artzenal’s 3D scanning and visualization capabilities brought to life the legacy of a true racing legend, Michael Schumacher. The visitors got an exclusive look at the digitized interactive collection of the cars Michael Schumacher raced, including the legendary Benetton B194, he won his first championship in.

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed to solidify the already successful relationship between CoinMena, Advanced Technology Fund, and Culture XR, with the intent to:

● cooperate in the field of motorsport, culture and art licensing,

● in bringing to market 3D digital experiences,

● in bringing to market NFT collectable items,

● The parties will further work together in creating/developing digital concepts for e-sports and gamification.

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