Announcing an exciting new partnership between CoinMENA IHC and Piql

Partnership agreement signed between CoinMENA IHC and Dubai-based digital archiving experts Piql

Marina, Dubai, SEP 2021: Investment holding company CoinMENA announce the signing of an exciting new partnership agreement with Digital Data Preservation expert, Piql. The companies will work together to invest in the continuing development of sustainable high quality secure data archiving solutions.

This Memorandum of Understanding formalises an already strong relationship between the two companies, who share an ambitious vision for the future of information storage.

CoinMENA IHC works in partnership with the global private equity fund Advanced Technology Fund (ATF) to focus on advancing select technology fields. With their company headquarters based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, they also operate in the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Egypt and China.

CoinMENA IHC are already working with companies in a wide range of sectors including Aviation, E-Commerce, Design and Construction. They have a strong commitment to technological innovation and the forward-thinking Saudi Vision 2030.

Dubai-based data storage experts Piql works with culture and heritage providers including galleries, archives and broadcasters to provide cutting-edge digital archiving solutions.

The innovative Piql digital archiving systems use nanotechnology to convert photosensitive 35mm film into an ultra-high resolution format, storing the data as very high-density QR codes. This provides very high quality data storage which is a flexible and affordable option for secure digital archiving.

Piql’s digital archiving systems are highly secure and also comply with international data retention regulations, making them ideally suited to long-term critical data storage and management.

The signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between CoinMENA IHC and Piql formalises this exciting partnership, which will see CoinMENA IHC supporting the future development of Piql’s unique digital archiving and data management solutions.

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